This section is aimed at covering points and aspects that may have been overlooked in different segments of our Internet site. We hope that this section will answer most of your questions; however, if such is not the case, you may reach us by phone or by E-Mail.

General Questions

Fishing permits are compulsory in Quebec. If you do not have one, you may purchase one on site.
We have a telephone service as well as the Internet.
Yes, we have a docking facility.
Roads are well kept and you may drive right up to camp with your car without the use of a four wheel drive!
Yes, as long as we are notified ahead of time and that you assumed full responsibilities.
This is entirely up to your discretion. However it is a kind gesture when services are up to par.
Weather permitting; we build a campfire by the lake. For those of you with musical talents you are encouraged to bring your favourite musical instrument.
We are at a fairly high altitude so weather can change without notice. It is best to bring rainproof clothing as well warm ones.
Please advise us ahead of time of any food allergies or particular needs so that we may cater to you in a safe and pleasant manner.
Yes; such a service is being offered.
Yes, on the forest roads to bring yourself back and forth from the neighbouring lakes.

On the lesser lakes, you may rent some 2 horsepower Yamaha for a fee of 35.00 dollars / day (gasoline included). You may also elect to rent some electrical motors.

No, but you may bring your own alcoholic beverages for your own enjoyment. However, for legal and security reasons, alcoholic beverages are strongly discouraged on lakes or in boats.
Breakfast……7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
Lunch……….12 noon to 1:00 p.m.
Dinner………5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Our staff will be more than happy to supply you with a complete lunch box!
Yes, our chef will honoured to suggest his best recipes!

Questions on fishing

Fishing permits are compulsory in Quebec. If you do not have one, you may purchase one on site.
Covering an area of 28 km 2, Poulin de Courval Lake is the largest one. It is surrounded by about forty lesser lakes.
In a nutshell, yes. Poulin the Courval Lake is open all year round. As far as the remaining lakes are concerned we have implemented a form of selective control, whereas about half the lakes are open to the public. This allows us to do a yearly rotation, thus ensuring an ever growing trout population as well as trophy size one.
As a rule of thumb we are looking at trouts weighing half a pound on the average. One and two pounders are also caught daily. Every year, some lucky sportsmen return home with trophies tipping the scale anywhere from four to six pounds!
As far as the worms are concerned it is probably best to purchase them on site and use only what is needed rather than bring some from home and have to leave a surplus behind.
Yes, and this is true on the main lake as well as on all the surrounding lakes.
The type of flies varies as the season progresses. Your guide’s advice will be a precious asset!
On the main lake we have 22 footers with 20 horsepower Yamaha we call freighters (very robust boats). On the surrounding lakes we offer 14 footers.
This service is included in your fishing package.

We have a 3 degrees Celsius cooler room. On your departure day we pack your fish in styrofoam boxes. We also add ice to ensure that your fish remains fresh on the trip back home

Yes, you may use sonars.
Each permit holder is allowed 20 trouts in his possession.
We encourage you to bring your own floater vest; however, we have a few available free of charge.
The most popular ones are the “Toronto Wobbler” de 2.5 – 3 inches as well as the “little Cleo”, no to mention the deadly “Muddler”.

Questions on hunting

Yes, we have a combine package of bear hunting and fishing.
Over 12 baits are regularly freshen up on an area covering 128 km 2.
We have to respect the regulations in force.

The 128 km terrain is divided in three sectors and we only host three groups per week during a four week period.

Questions on environment

Definitely; you are strongly encouraged to help us keep our area in pristine condition. Therefore, please make sure that upon leaving the forest or a lake that all is intact. We, at Poulin de Courval take great pride in offering an impeccable outdoor experience. As an added policy, we encourage you to use your towel more than once whenever possible. We salute last year’s efforts on the part of our guest as we have been able to show a 50% decrease in washing laundries. It is a small step but a worthy one.
A container to dispose of aluminum cans is available.
All cottages as well as the dinning room are non-smoking.

NO, you can’t bring your boat, but you can bring your small motor for fishing in small lakes